Our Philosophy

The first step in our journey with clients is not the presentation of plans. It is self-discovery. It’s about helping our clients unearth and define their personal style.

As architectural interior designers, we believe that style is about knowing who you are and what you want to say. We also understand that in a fast-paced world, people’s roles and functions may change throughout the day but who they are and the place they call home doesn’t.

We get it. Because we are more than architects. More than interior designers. More than interior decor specialists.

We are co-creators who know how to capture the spirit of each client and the essence of the space they live in.

In our view, architecture, interior design and decor are not disparate. They are one.

For us, a home is not simply about form and function. Nor is it a matter of shelter. It is also about pleasure.

This is why we are offer turnkey solutions which transform ordinary living spaces into poetic works of art, from the furnishings and fittings to the accessories that make life in the home a beautiful experience.

Our Process

A first consultation with our clients is an exploration of our client’s lifestyles, an assimilation of insights into their personal functional needs and interpreting their individual tastes and preferences.

At a second meeting, we present clients with a style book which expresses our vision for their home and complete with architectural and interior design, as well mood boards with colour accents and fabrics we visualise for the home. In addition, we present sketches and design references for signature furniture pieces and fittings which reflect their personal style.

The style book offers clients a view of how we believe they could enhance their experience of their homes as an extension and personal expression of themselves.

Using the style book as a map, we walk through the space with our clients, we narrate the functionality and aesthetic of each room to ensure they are able to capture our vision for a refreshed look and feel of their home. At this point, we also ensure that we have responded to their expressed desire as well as the functional needs for their home.

Tru Interiors presents a cost proposal which includes an itemised costing of the various elements and a work schedule which incorporates individual suppliers’ timeframes. We work with our clients to conclude a project plan which stipulates date of commencement and completion.

Upon sign-off of the cost proposal, Tru Interiors requires a 70% deposit payment.

We develop comprehensive briefs for our suppliers and as a hands-on team, we manage manufacturing, implementation and installation through the entire process.

Our Distinct Offering

We are able to create living spaces that are full of charm and character yet remain clean, uncluttered. Beautiful to look at. And an inspiring place to live in.

We bring our international design influence to every client home and have polished our ability to interpret a range of European design aesthetic into custom-made signature pieces that still manage to express a distinct local feel.

Custom-designed and manufactured furniture items, fittings, furnishings and accessories mean that clients can rely on Tru Interiors to deliver a home teeming with unique only-one-of-its-kind pieces.

Known for our intricate attention to detail, Tru Interiors takes into account the oft-unintended hints at personal hobbies, movies and music during the consultation and is inevitably reflected in the project at completion.

These details which mirror our clients’ individual style may include, in some instances a commissioned art piece or book collection on the coffee table or engraved initials on the brass inset of a sofa.

In our view, style finds its greatest expression in simplicity.

So the better part of our work is delivered in neutral tones with splashes of colour and rich textures to infuse our clean spaces with doses of serenity and delight in equal measure.